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SAINT - Strategy For Artificial Intelligence

Let’s Talk About Our Global Future

Jennifer Shearer French

Jennifer Shearer French Strategy For Artificial Intelligence (SAINT)

I am a science fiction writer and futurist.

SAINT is an acronym loaded with religious significance. In this case, though, the intention is entirely pragmatic. 

SAINT stands for Strategy for Artificial Intelligence. With the latest climate change report giving us ten years to cut global carbon emissions to limit global heating to 1.5 degrees C, the need for such a strategy is obvious and urgent, because it is clear that conventional international political processes will not be able to do the job in time. Rollout of climate change AI requires a collaborative effort from the UN, big tech, and countries including superpowers which are currently in conflict. We are all global citizens, and this is the challenge of our time.

We all have to make this happen.