Blockchain: Potential to Redefine Climate Change Activism


At a time when we know climate change action needs to be a transformational force across the world, we have so far seen only incremental change. Code Red means that global citizens must look around to use every means possible to drive carbon emissions down to limit catastrophic global warming over the next decade. In…

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Climate change AI must not become a battleground for nations

We need regulation of AI to protect the huge potential the technology has to accelerate action to stop global warming. Globally agreed standards would also prevent misuse of the powerful technology. COP26 Glasgow will consider an intergovernmental “roadmap” on AI’s role in fighting global warming, but it needs to go much further. It needs to…

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Mismanagement Risks Should Inform Climate Change AI Regulation

We cannot afford to allow non compliant actors in the AI sphere (that is, those which do not adhere to global citizenship principles) to frame our thinking about climate change artificial intelligence. It is difficult to overstate how damaging scandals relating to allegations of misused operation of AI are, at a time when global citizens…

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